Buttermilk + Honey Pancakes with Caramelized Apples and Pineapples  

These are so delicious.
I mean like REALLY delicious. 


    When you want something decedent for breakfast you make something like this. 


                The caramelization of the apples and pineapples is simply AMAZING. 

Buttermilk + Honey Pancakes w/ Caramelized Apples and Pineapples 


2 cups Kodiac Cakes brand Buttermilk & Honey Flapjack and Waffle Mix 

2 cups water

1 organic apple cut into slices 

1 cup organic pineapple, chunks 

3 tbsp organic brown sugar 

4 tbsp organic butter, divide 

1 tbsp vanilla  

Zest of half a lime 


1. Heat a heavy cast iron pan over med heat. While it heats up mix together the pancake mix and water just until no large chunks of pancake mix are visible.

2. Once pan is hot, add 2 tbsp butter and pour silver dollar or bigger size, of batter into pan. 

3. Flip pancakes after about 3 mins and cook on the other side about one minute. 

4. Repeat process until all the pancake batter is gone. 

5. In the same pan add apples and pineapples along with the brown sugar, last 2 tbsp of butter, and vanilla. Sauté over medium heat coating the fruit in the brown sugar mixture until caramelized. 

6. Arrange pancakes in a stack and pour brown sugar fruit mixture down over top. Sprinkle with zested lime. Nom! 👌🏼

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