Pesto, Poached Egg, And Avocado Toast 

Is there any prettier sight than a runny egg yolk dripping down toast? 


But today I’m gonna have to say a big, fat NO. Lol!

Also, I am CRAZY for avocado toast. 

And runny yolks. 

Did I mention that already? 

So of course I combine all of the yummiest things and make this!

It’s creamy, savory, and oh so dreamy. 😍

Pesto, Poached Egg, and Avocado Toast 


2 tbsp Pesto (store bought or homemade) 

1 organic egg

1 tsp white vinegar

half an avocado, sliced 

1 slice organic bread (I used Eureka Brand) 

1 tsp red pepper flakes 

Salt and pepper, to taste 


1. Begin by putting a med pot of water on the oven filled 3/4 full. Turn to high heat and add vinegar.  

2. Crack your egg into a little bowl. (This helps to make sure you don’t have any shells in the water and makes it easier to drop the egg into the hot water.) Once water is simmering, but not boiling, swirl the water with a spoon. 

3. Carefully drop the egg into the swirling water. Let simmer for 4 or 5 mins at the most and remove from water and place on a paper towel. 

4. Toast the bread. Add the avocado, poached egg, drizzle on the pesto, salt and pepper and sprinkle with red pepper flakes. Nom! 

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